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Buyback Barometer

Looking for buyback winners & losers

Pensions in Pictures VII

Easy to digest pension benchmarks

RFF #9: Dividend Danger

Highway to the dividend danger zone!

Bank Losses Hiding in Plain Sight

March Madness kicked off a bit early for bank stocks

Pensions in Pictures VI

Hangin’ pictures on my wall. Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Actuary, Marley Marl

RFF #8: Stock Comp and Wealth Transfer

What do you get when you combine high stock comp, large buybacks and market volatility?

Accountingfest 2021

Think Coachella. Now replace Rage Against the Machine with the SEC and FASB, invite over 2K accountants and watch out!

RFF #7: Too Good to Be True?

It’s the wild west out there, so, if something seems too good to be true, be careful!

Pensions in Pictures V

Organized by our three-step playbook for tackling pensions: Health, Cost and Risk.

RFF #6: Earnings Quality

What’s earnings quality? Our RFF might help.

Looking for Exposure to the Global Tax Deal

The taxman/woman now has a passport. 

Human Capital Disclosures: The SEC Has Entered the ESG Arena

Corporate disclosures are getting woke-ish.

Crazy for Cryptocurrencies: A ZRG Perspective

What type of asset is cryptocurrency? The answer may surprise you.

Buybacks, Who’s Bad (or Good)?

Evaluate buybacks like your own portfolio.

Non-GAAP is Wack? #5: Hey Adjusted EBITDA, Stock Comp is Really Real

We’re not fans of managements’ favorite non-GAAP adjustment.

Non-GAAP is Wack? #4: Adjusted EBITDA Vapors

Are you catching the Adjusted EBITDA vapors?

Accountingfest 2020

ESG, Non-GAAP and lame accounting jokes .

Biden Tax Plan, Attack on Offshoring

More companies GILTI under the Biden Plan.

CECL Disclosures: Trying to Understand Management’s Credit Loss Magic 8-Ball

Eight ways to understand the Magic 8-Ball.

Biden Tax Plan, Tax Rates Movin’ On Up

Looking for corporate tax rate winners and losers?

Pensions in Pictures IV

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Pension Roller Coaster?

Time to start paying attention to pensions again.

RFF #4: When the Bill Eventually Comes Due

Looking to boost cash flow? Try ignoring suppliers’ calls. Or better yet, get a bank involved.

RFF #3: The Impairments are Coming!(?)

The impairments are coming! The impairments are coming? Grab our RFF to find out.

Risky Buybacks

Looking to get in front of buyback suspensions?

RFF #2: The Double L (Leverage and Liquidity)

Worried about the bill collector showing up at the companies you own/follow?

Washington Attacks COVID-19 with CARES Stimulus – Top Ten List

Nearly 900 page CARES Act boiled down to a top ten list.

Accounting for the Coronavirus

Trying to make sense out of company disclosures.


How many words does it take to get to the center of EBITDA?

CECL is Here – and It Ain’t Just About Banks

CECL. The byproduct of the global financial crisis (12 short years later) and finger pointing at accountants.

Accountingfest 2019

Accountingfest, where accounting dreams (and nightmares) come true.

Top Lines They Are A-Changin’ #8: RPO, The New, New Backlog

RPO, an accounting disclosure that might be useful and approved by Silicon Valley? Tell me more!

Pension Pain! Lower Rates Hurt Defined Benefit Pension Plans (OPEB too)

Why wait for company guidance? Try the ZRG Pension Model instead. *Blog was updated on September 26, 2019 to correct an error.*

Critical Audit Matters: CAMtastic Stuff Coming Soon to an Audit Report Near You

Stop: CAMmer time!

Shining A Light on the Blackout Period and Buybacks

Buybacks aren’t always higher in August.

Non-GAAP is Wack? EBITDA Depends Upon the Path You Take

EBITDA variation may be wider than you think.

Pensions in Pictures III

All you need to know about S&P 500 pensions in a baker’s dozen 13 easy to digest pictures.

Top Lines They Are A-Changin’ #7: Who’s in The Driver’s Seat at Lyft & Uber, the Principal or the Agent?

The answer has a big impact on the top line and margins.

The Leases Have Landed: Might be a Few Surprises Coming Your Way

Hate to say it, you’re still gonna need to adjust your model for leases.

Real Corporate Profits Tax, Really?

Happy Tax Day! How about a 7% tax on book income?

Pensions Healthier? Down Markets Are A Mixed Bag for Pensions

Pension related earnings tailwinds and headwinds, oh my.

Peeling the Earnings Onion #3: In Search of Unsustainable Earnings Growth

Earnings growth may be unsustainable for companies with biggest tax boost. 

Accountingfest 2018

You know you’re at an accounting conference when the funniest person in the room is a lawyer.

Top Lines They Are A-Changin' #6: Topic 606 Impacting Companies A-to-Z

Topic 606 is shipping Prime revenue into earlier quarters.

Accounting for a Drop in Stock Prices

What’s accounting for the recent drop in stock prices? Don’t look here for the answer. 

Pensions in Pictures II

Fall is here, grab some pumpkin spiced kale chips and high-level pension stats (plus a few outliers). May come in handy when working on companies you own/follow or to see how your pension clients are doing.  

Peeling the Earnings Onion #2: Lower Taxes Drive Nearly Half of YoY Growth, Again

End of August, perfect time to enjoy a cool and refreshing piece of accounting research.

Pension/OPEB Costs on the Move, Can Impact Margins (Earnings Too)

FASB giving the Queen Bey a challenge with their pension cost moves .

Top Lines They Are A-Changin' #5: Moving Revenue Fast and Capitalizing Things (Tech Sector)

Topic 606. The biggest accounting innovation for Silicon Valley.

Top Lines They Are A-Changin’ #4: Engineering the Top Line (Industrials)

The Final Four, Opening Day, start of Spring Break and accounting research on Topic 606!

New Rule Could Reduce Cash Flow from Ops and Free Cash Flow

There may be a few surprises coming to cash flow statements near you.

TCJA Causing Tax Rate Headaches

Transition tax rates are tricky, like rockin’ a rhyme that’s right on time.

Market Volatility & Pensions, In Search of Interest Rate & Stock Market Exposure

Nothing says I love you like pensions and market volatility.

Deciphering the “Yuuge” Tax Charges/Gains Headed Your Way

Tax impact on 4Q results gonna be “yuuge”, here’s a few things to think about before you ignore it.

Accountingfest 2017

SEC hot topics, new accounting rules and lame accounting jokes. It’s an inside look at  Accountingfest.

Corporate Tax Reform Top Ten List: The Post Conference Agreement Version

To get you in the tax reform spirit, we bring you an update to our "Corporate Tax Reform Top Ten List". 

Corporate Tax Reform Top Ten List

We quickly bring you up to speed on the big ticket items that’ll drive post reform corporate tax rates.

Let the Tax Reform Games Begin, Some Thoughts on Taxation of Foreign Profits

Have fun with our Earnings Parked Overseas Tear Sheet.

Top Lines They Are A-Changin’: 20 Questions for You to Ask About Topic 606

Wanna spice things up on your next earnings call? Here’s 20 questions to ask companies about the new revenue recognition rules, Topic 606.

Big Six Tax Reform Framework, Devil’s in the Details and We Don’t Have ‘Em (Yet)

The smell of tax reform was in the air today, sniff out our thoughts here.

Pensions in Pictures

Looking for pretty pictures? Then don’t look here.

Making Game of Tax Reform: How to Estimate the Impact of a Tax Rate Cut on Deferred Tax Assets

If they ever get around to cutting the tax rate, our latest blog post might come in handy.

The Case of the Missing Deferred Taxes

Find out more about the most early adopted accounting standard we have seen.


In our first blog post, we cover 16 accounting rules in 160 seconds and we roll out The Ocho .

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