More research, less noiz.

We won't be calling you looking for an II vote.


Research Product


We write research when there is something important you need to know. We won’t clog your inbox.


We make it useful for you by starting with the macro then drilling down to the sectors and companies most affected.


We walk-through complex topics in plain English.


We are out in front of key issues and their investment implications, so you can be too.

We will eventually populate this section with examples of our research product but in the meantime here’s an overview of some of the things we plan to provide:


Written Research

Cover the fun and exciting issues in Accounting & Tax, focusing on the underlying economics along with the impacts on financial results and behavior (highlighting specific companies, sectors).



Unique analyses, models, etc.

Hot Topics We Plan to Cover

  • Tax

    Tax reform guide to winners & losers, earnings/cash parked overseas, etc.

  • Non-GAAP

    What’s the right number, do the adjustments make any sense?

  • Revenue Recognition

    New rules could change the top line, revenue may get recognized faster/slower/smoother/lumpier than today, impacting earnings and margins, etc.

  • Stock Based Compensation

    It’s a real cost, how to work it into a valuation, etc.

  • Pension

    Pension cost, new rules will impact margins, are plans getting healthier/weaker, etc.

Accounting is the language of financial reporting

Research Library

We are going to build it, better, stronger, faster.


Practical, customized training for new hires, associates, investment team, you!

Don’t speak accounting? We can help translate

Accounting tells a story: Is it fact or fiction?


More to come.

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